The name MentorFu is influenced by the original meaning of Kung Fu:

"...the process of one's training - the strengthening of the body and the mind, the learning and the perfection of one's skills..."

- wikipedia

Mentorship can be

tricky easy and

time consuming quick

a free web application for anyone that wants mentorship to be straightforward, enjoyable, and impactful

Best Practices

Mentoring the right way isn't obvious.

Best practices and guidance are baked in. MentorFu will nudge you in the right direction and yield an overall experience that's smooth and convenient.

Spend your efforts focusing on the person, not the process.

Your Time is Precious

Afraid of over-committing your time as a mentor?

We'll help you set expectations with your mentee. We'll also give you the tools and process that create focus and engagement. Your commitment of time will be upfront and consistent.

Achieve the most impact with the least amount of time invested.

Free & No Ads

Built with the intention of supporting our community.

If you're donating your time and experience, both the mentor and the mentee will get free, unlimited access.

Also, since mentorships are personal and focused, we feel that ads would ruin the experience -so no ads!